1:1 Job Seeker Consultation

(Live Online or In-Person)

You didn’t get that job and don’t know why?

Let’s find out why and get you prepared for success. 


My insights come from having been on both sides of the candidate screening fence – As a Recruitment Consultant, as well as a HR Director. I know what ‘buttons to press’ to progress you through the hiring process. I bring 20 years of international experience of hiring and selection – designing recruitment processes for MNC’s such as Pfizer and Parkway Pantai in Asia.

Having spent four years in the Singaporean market, I fully understand the local business drivers behind candidate hiring.

This course offers a package of services to suit all needs:

  • CV Review

  • Cover letter Preparation

  • Emotional Intelligence (Soft Skills) Assessment (EQi2.0) + 1 hour Debrief

  • Your Workstyle (Globesmart©) Assessment + 1 hour Debrief

  • Interview Preparation Coaching. Depending on the need, may include:

    • Competency based coaching based on the targeted job

    • Soft Skills Development

    • Mock Interview and Feedback (Typically recorded)

    • Diction & Behavioural Derailer Coaching

    • Values Assessment & Career Choice Coaching

Confidence and Competence. The tailored demonstration of both, added to the authentic alignment of your personal values, yields success.