AGILE Foundations


(Live Online)

Duration: 16.5 Hours, (Five, 2.5 hour live sessions + assignment work)

Cost: $1995 SGD

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This course is for those individuals and teams beginning their Agile journey. The course will give you a solid understanding of why Agile is so important in today’s competitive and dynamic market. We dive into the merits of the Agile Mindset, Values and Principles as the bedrock to frameworks like Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. You will also experience the power of Agile practices first hand in our real world problem solving group exercises. 

This course is for:

    • People working in any part of organisation transforming to Agile ways of working or looking for ways to build more adaptible, value focussed enterprises. Typically, this course appeals to a broad range of people, including HR, Marketing, OD, Consulting, Sales, Technologies, Project Managements and Operations. 
    • Organisational development consultants, transformation leads, team leads exploring the people and structural aspects of transformations will also find this curriculum compelling. Those changing roles or interesting in exploring Agile. 
    • This course is popular for teams as a first step in introducing Agile Thinking and Practices. We have thought this course in many MNCs including Aviva, HP, Unilever, PWC, as a first step or refresher workshop to build a solid momentum for teams to embrace Agile and Lean thinking.