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Agile Fundamentals


We recommend this course for everyone looking to know more about why Agile or Agility is so important and why it is being embraced by 1000s of organisations. We cover what it means for organisations, leaders and other roles. This course is relevant at all levels and all functions. The course is designed to give delegates a strong foundational understanding of Agile. This course has been designed by our learning richement team to leverage the latest in-person and live-online techniques. Both our in-person version and our live-online version of this course has been separately accredited by ICAgile experts. The course is delivered by our experienced Agile practitioners, who have Agile industry experience (in key transformation and leadership roles), as well as strong learning facilitation experience.  

 Steer your career in the right direction with a firm foundational understanding of the Agile. Whether you put this knowledge to work at Team, C-level or an enabler supportive role in HR, Finance or elsewhere, you will find this course truly enriching. 

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Accredited Course
Course Fees: 

SGD $1,495

Course Duration:

14 Instructor Led Contact Hours

Course Delivery Formats:

1. Virtual Live Online

2. Co-located in-person

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Learning Outcomes:

  • The environmental reasons driving the need for Agility
  • The Agile Mindset (the necessary starting point for Agile) 
  • Complexity Theory, Systems Thinking and Lean
  • Incremental improvement, iterative cycles and CD:CI
  • Collaboration, team dynamics and autonomy 
  • Empiricism, designing in feedback loops and new ways to work  
  • Innovation drivers, team motivators and focus on value
  • Agile frameworks, organisation design and responsibilities
  • Agile as a personal and organisational journey – your next steps to mastery

This Course Is For:

  • Those curious to explore the Why, What & How of Agile 
  • Leaders at all levels of the organisation tasked with transformation
  • Those moving into roles on team in Agile environments  
  • PMs, BAs and others moving from Waterfall projects to Agile
  • Marketing, Product, Sales and other teams leading value delivery
  • Those in supporting functional roles in HR, Finance, Quality etc 


No prerequisite.

Course Outline

Agile is, at it’s heart, a philosophy that acknowledges complexity and helps us deal with it.  


  • The genesis of agile – where these approaches came from and why they work
  • Key values of agile
  • The agile lifecycle and frameworks
  • Developing an agile mindset
  • Collaboration
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Workflow
  • Value and outcome focus
  • Product versus project
  • Transparency and visualisation
  • Transformation