Agile workstyles Enablement

Coaching encourages the development of new habits and calls out old habits which inhibit the team or individual’s progress. This sustained support approach allows the team and individual to keep on track with their goals.

Help the frontline acquire core Agile thinking, tools and processes

Start the movement

Making a cross organisational shift to Agility means bringing many people on a journey of transformation. Learning workshops and practical group exercises facilitated by our expert trainers give insights and skills to those in frontline roles to start their personal and team change. Our Agile Fundamentals (ICP certification) is accredited by ICAgile and designed for a wide audience (marketing, sales, projects, IT and others).  

Readying supporting functions for the new Agile environment

Create champions

To support your Agile transformation you will need home grown specialists and deeper understanding how Agile impact and is supported in specialist roles and functions. These are both in team specialisms and support roles like HR, Marketing, Sales, Enterprise Coaching and Finance. In team Agile specialists work closely with teams as Coaches/ ScrumMasters and  Product Owners. We provide the specialist training and coaching support to create Agile champions.

Agile mindset and practices for leadership development

Sustained support for leaders in Agile transformations

Crucial to Agile transformation is supportive and active leadership. Agile promotes the concept of distributed leadership. Meaning less people management but more people leadership. Understanding purposeful alignment, intrinsic motivators and leading self organising and empowered teams is a shift away from traditional management. The behaviour of leaders is crucial to a successful transformation. We provide the training and coaching expertise to support your Agile leaders.