Emotional  Intelligence  and Agility coaching

This phase helps create the Agile skills and capabilities in teams as well as the supporting functions in the organisation. Here, training and workshops on Agile enablers answers ‘What do I need to change?’.

Maintain the pace towards institutional Mindset Agility

Very often the ‘warm glow’ of training fades and we lapse back into our old mindset. Coaching helps maintain the pace we have set ourselves in training.

Supporting Agile champions and internally generated onward momemtum

Agile champions have a special responsibility for change. They are the ‘go to’ person for advice and need to be able to influence effectively. Developing influencing skills through emotional intelligence development helps with this skill.

Embedding behavioural change towards new way of working

The confidential nature of coaching allows for workplace behavioural experimentation, under coaching supervision. Role playing in the coaching environment for example, tests out how challenging encounters may play out.

Advanced competence based supports for leaders

Here is where coaching meets mentoring. Between them, both Cameron and Desmond have all of the requisite contents based advice you will need in your role.