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Leadership Effectiveness Through Emotional Agility


This course is for those individuals who want to lead their staff with authenticity. Course content emphasizes increasing self-awareness as a Leader, as the basis for self-mastery and influence.

You will be benefiting from the following course elements:-

  • An industry leading Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi2.0) (learn more)
  • A confidential 90-minute zoom debrief on your assessment
  • Two, 120-minute classroom webinars/seminars with other leaders
  • A 90 minute coaching session with Desmond to review the course and prepare you to test out new behaviours
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Course Fees: 

SGD $1,995

Course Duration:

12 Hours

Course Delivery Formats:

1. Virtual Live Online

2. In-Person, Blended Learning

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence
  • Identify the competencies that constitute emotional intelligence
  • Develop EI skills that will help produce desired outcome
  • Learn strategies and techniques on managing oneself better
  • Learn how to influence others
  • Understand the knowledge and skills required to creating opportunities for growth
  • Learn techniques for enhancing relationships

This Course Is For:

  • Leaders supervising individuals and teams
  • Senior leaders and supervisors who want to develop their authentic leadership style
  • Leaders and supervisors who sometimes are challenged by difficult, but necessary conversations with others in work


No prerequisite.

Course Outline

Balancing Emotional Intelligence (EI) with your IQ is now recognised as THE defining leadership trait


  • Origins and evidence for EI
  • The physiological & neurological aspects of EI
  • IQ & EQ Symbiosis
  • Trust me, I’m a Leader?
  • Introduction to EQi2.0 (1:1 debrief meeting preparation)
  • Cultivating a remote high performance team
  • The gentle art of leadership persuasion through empathy
  • Empowering the team through Psychological Safety
  • Introduction to Coaching