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Agility in HR

This course covers the vital components of People strategy and Operations, that need to change to support an organisation’s Agile transformation.

You will receive insights from our rich experience as well as practical methods to reshape your HR function. We will be looking at the role of HR in creating an Agile organisation – Where transformation begins and how HR professionals are at the heart of ensuring its success. This course leads to ICP-AHR certification from ICAgile.

We facilitate learning rather than ‘teaching’ and encourage the use of:

•    Wall-work for collaboration (virtual tools)
•    Learning Management System assignments, MCQ’s and relevant article reading
•    Activities (both group and individual)
•    Engagement through discussion, leave plenty of room for participants to explore topics
•    Learning journal (built mostly by the participants themselves

    Hourly Schedule

    Agility in HR (AHR Certification) December 2020

    9am HRS - 10am HRS
    7th December 2020
    8am - 10.30am
    8th December 2020
    Webinar 1
    8am - 10.30am
    10th December 2020
    Webinar 2
    8am - 10.30am
    15th December 2020
    Webinar 3
    8am - 10.30am
    17th December 2020
    Webinar 4


    Dec 07 - 17 2020