The Tribus Method

‘To grow, become, come into being or appear’

This initiative helps create the Agile skills and capabilities in teams, as well as the supporting functions in the organisation. 

Business Agility Readiness

Creating an urgency for change is a very personal experience. It must resonate with us. Our workshops therefore concentrate on developing the psychological aspects of the growth mindset – Answering the question, ‘Why should I change?’. Related objectives;

1. Aligning leadership committment and expectations to the organisation’s Agile journey

2. Enable the Growth Mindset

3. Self and others awareness towards a common purpose

Agile Workstyles Enablement

This is phase helps create the Agile skills and capabilities in teams and the supporting funtions in the organisation. Here, training and workshops on Agile enablers answers ‘What do I need to change?’.

1. Help frontline acquire core Agile thinking, tools and processes

2. Readying supporting functions for the new Agile environment

3. Agile mindset and practices for leadership development

Emotional Intelligence and Agility Coaching

Coaching encourages the development of new habits and calls out old habits which inhibit the team or individual’s progress. This sustained support approach allows the team and individual to keep on track with their goals.

1. Maintain the pace towards institutional Mindset Agility

2. Embedding behavioural change towards new way of working

3. Supporting Agile champions and internally gernerated onward momentum

4. Advanced competence based supports for leaders