Emotional Intelligence Development

Whether helping new leaders develop their emotional agility or groups to become more aware of their impact on others, we have solutions for you.

Our Clients most commonly requested Emotional Intelligence Use-Cases

We are confident that one or more of our use-cases match your needs. Download our use-case listing as well as an outline of our Emotionally Effective Leader Workshop here.

Outcomes based Emotional Agility Coaching

We go on a journey with the whole person, connecting with what they stand for and how their impact on others. We know that emotional intelligence is the medium in which technical skills are appropriately deployed. ‘After each coaching intervention, we apply a unique quantitative and qualitative stakeholder review process to demonstrate evidenced-based behavioural outcomes.

Enabling New Leaders

Leadership requires emotional intelligence. Transitioning from being a high performing single contributor, to being measured by the success of your staff, is a challenge for most. We can help your high performers find their own path to success, mitigating the risk of promoting new leaders for example.

Increasing Leader Emotional Agility

Each participant will receive their own personalised EQi2.0 Leadership assessment report ahead of the workshop. The fun but informative workshop will increase the appreciation of EI for leadership, while personalizing awareness on what elements work for each attendee and which need to be developed. A course outline is available at the top of this page.

We are accredited professional instructors and coaches

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Our Mission is to help organisations to design and cultivate modern agile organisations and emotionally intelligent leaders.